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Learn more about the brilliant minds behind Innuva’s success story.

Leadership Team

Learn more about the executive and leadership teams who are driving Innuva.

Executive Leaders

Our executive leaders are using all of their experiences and any resources at their disposal to guide Innuva’s growth.Their collective experience, diverse cultures and knowledge, they help shape Innuva’s identity, culture, vision, mission and strategies.

Michel Habib
Michel HabibBusiness Development Director
Michel brings to Innuva 2 decades of experience in both IT Solutions and Corporate development. Being one of the founding members, Michel is on a mission to maintain a rock solid business model that is both successful and sustainable. He also holds together a friendly and professional work environment that attracts the best talents in the region.
John Risk
John RiskChief Technology Officer
With his extensive experience in delivering the most complex IT Solutions, John is an expert at handling any project that is delivered by Innuva. John is managing all of the IT Services teams, ensuring that Innuva will provide its clients with the highest value for their projects.
Raef Helmy
Raef HelmyChief Executive Officer
Given his wide knowledge in building a number of companies and products, Raef is Innuva’s expert in handling its operations, facilitating its legal and financial responsibilities. Raef’s vision and enthusiasm helped build Innuva and get it through the years smoothly and successfully.

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