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Software Development services

Innuva provides Software Development Services to its customers. We build complete Web and Mobile Solutions. Our teams provide the whole pipeline, starting from requirements analysis, wireframing, prototyping, graphic design, mobile and front-end development, back-end development, quality assurance, deployment and support. For business owners wishing to build web or mobile solutions for their businesses, we help you realise your solution seamlessly.

About Software Development services

Our team will understand your business, suggest solutions to digitize it and automate it for maximum productivity and minimum effort. Our responsibility doesn’t stop at the implementation of the project, but we will be always available to support your future requirements, fix any outstanding issues and provide continuous support. For Entrepreneurs wishing to build creative new products/services, we help you convert your ideas into reality. Whether you are a tech guru or just a business person, we know how to optimally work with you and your team to realise your project. If you are on a tight budget and you want to outsource part of your development to an offshore team without compromising your quality, we will help extend your existing team, easily integrate into your existing pipeline and productivity tools.

Front-end Web Development

Innuva has an extensive experience building Front-end Web solutions using latest javascript frameworks, such as Google’s Angular2 and AngularJS 1. Coupled with our experience in creating professional, visually appealing UI, we learned how to deliver pixel perfect Front-end Web solutions that work hand in hand with Back-end solutions and APIs.
Our teams created complex and modular front-end solutions that consider best practices and highly optimised code which ensures the best performance and user experience of the overall product.
We have also developed a number of Google Chrome Extensions and other Cross-Browser Extensions, leveraging the Javascript realm and delivering in-browser solutions that extend and empower existing websites with creative and genuine features.
We are always ready to impress you with our Front-end Web development skills for your next project.

Back-end Web Development

Building complex business solutions requires good analysis and detailing of business requirements and a great understanding of business domain. That is a mandatory step in building a Back-end Solution for many businesses.
Since the back-end is usually the brains of most modern web and mobile solutions, we give it @ Innuva a great deal of attention. Our Business analysts work hand in hand with business owners to build user stories or requirement specification document.
We use a wide range of technologies, php Frameworks such as Symfony, Yii, and Laravel. We also work with Microsoft.Net technologies to build a number of our customer’s critical solutions.
Upon analysis, our team determines the most suited technology to the project. Some projects may simply require a WordPress shell, without the need to build a sophisticated solution from scratch; That would help save the cost, which we always try to keep at a minimum.

Mobile App Development

Innuva is specialized in Mobile application development. We have the know-how of building true Native Android and iOS applications for many successful and complex projects. Our team has the experience to handle all aspects of Mobile development, such as Push Notifications, Device Database, Complex UI, Hardware features, Low Energy Bluetooth Integration, Social Media Integration, Working with FireBase and Mobile Back-end Platforms and APIs. Our Team has deep knowledge working with low energy Bluetooth integration with many medical sensors and devices for both iOS and Android.
If required, our teams know other cross-platform native and javascript mobile platforms, such as Xamarin, NativeScript, Cordova, and Ionic. We work with our clients, advising them on the strengths and weaknesses of each option for their projects, we help them make the right decision about which path to choose.

Cloud Development and Platforms

Innuva Provides development services on major Cloud platforms, such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. We have the knowledge to build highly scalable solutions using micro-services and No-SQL databases. We also use Cloud platforms to leverage Mobile Backend platforms for the Mobile apps that we are building for our customers.
Deploying Customer’s solution to the cloud is always a popular option, providing scalability, cost control, availability and data backup. Our team has deployed many solutions in the cloud and tested their performance on millions of transactions per second concurrently.


  • Laravel

  • Symfony

  • Xamarin

  • NativeScript

  • Cordova

  • Ionic

  • Firebase

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon Web Services

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follow my kid

Follow my kid offers a smart, safe and convenient trip tracking for your kid’s school bus. It provides an ecosystem of three separate apps, for the parent, the driver and the school.



A Web-based “internal application” that allow Cargill team to project manage their huge farming process, with the ability to evaluate and monitor Plant risks.


UMG POS Mobile Application

A POS tablet application for an industry leader in electronics and home appliances trader UMG mega stores.


Reality Sandwich 2.0

Reality Sandwich is a magazine of ideas for the transformational community addressing the social, spiritual, and ecological crises of our time.

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*Your information will not be shared with any party