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Our Portfolio includes a number of Successfully Delivered Projects. Feel free to browse through the projects below and get an idea of the work we are doing.


Our Portfolio includes a number of Successfully Delivered Projects. Feel free to browse through the projects below and get an idea of the work we are doing.

follow my kid


Follow my kid offers a smart, safe and convenient trip tracking for your kid’s school bus. It provides an ecosystem of three separate apps, for the parent, the driver and the school.




Avocadoo is a website that assists users with their groceries selections and suggests diet plans and recipes through analysing all nutrition facts for achieving a healthier lifestyle.


MG Pin & Presence


A Mobile Application that helps Teachers in the School to track and verify the attendance of students automatically when entering the class, by Using Bluetooth Low Energy Broadcasting technology to detect devices with the lowest power consumption.




Calasi Browser Plugin is an extension to the major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) which extends the www.expedia.com website allowing Calasi to inject its features into Expedia website.


iDealer App

iDealer Apps is a Business Mobile Application for Car Dealers. Developed for both iOS and Android as a Mobile Template to accelerate the development of Dealership Mobile Applications.


Horizon IMG

In order to keep in touch with its customers, Horizon IMG created a business app that provides its users with all of the information about the business.The application also provides contacts, facebook feeds, direct call, map and directions to reach its locations.


Mona’s Pizza & Wings

Mona’s Pizza is a business Mobile app for both Android and iOS. The app helps connect Mona’s Pizza to its customers. The app provides users a fancy look at the Pizza Menu, Restaurant’s map, Contacts, News.


Linked By Phone

A website and an extension that integrates with Linked In and allows the users to query more information about the Linked In members. The requested members go through a workflow for the employees to research their info and post them. The results then appear in the Website and also integrated into Linked In.



Tellurium is a Chrome extension, allows you to easily build automated tests that can be run against your website or web application.


Financial ERP

Innuva utilized the potential that lies in (open ERP/odoo) platform to customize a hole new ERP system to an holding corporation that owns a multiple companies that vary in activities and internal systems, with full functional integration between all entities. odoo platform is used by 100 companies with 2 million active users around the globe.



A web-based video production platform that connects users with professional videographers and video editors to help produce or edit a state of the art motion pictures. innuva provided a module that enables users to place comments on the video timeline to facilitate the workflow of the production.




A Do-it-yourself website where customers invited to submit their own graphic artwork for printed hats with the ability to instantly customise and modify any hat.



A website and an extension that scans the browser pages for product numbers, and shows the prices for these products from different wholesalers.


Visa by Casto

Casto Travel provides corporate, concierge, vacation, and group travel management services in addition to full service visa and passport processing.


iStudy Grey Matterz


An E-learning website that provides a wide variety of science courses. Innuva provided seamless and simple UI/UX designs that helps students to navigate through courses and exams with ease.


Wyeth – Sales System

Sales Management System is a Sales Force Automation System for Pharmaceutical Companies. It allows linking all sales field personnel across the country with the HO [Head office]; Linking of Distributors sales with marketing representatives.


Sweet Remodel

Sweet Remodel is a Website about Home Remodeling. An Expert Architect organises and writes many articles to guide Home Owners to remodelling their Homes. A Smart/Simple CMS is the tool that comes handy in the Hand of an Architect/Writer who does not want to bother with any technical details.


GUI Toolkits

GUI Toolkits provides its customers with User Interface Design Components For every Platform and every Tool. Building GUI Toolkits Website was a great challenge to complete in such a short period of time. GUI Toolkits not only includes the UI Catalogs, but also includes a Shopping Cart for buying the toolkits online.



A browser extension similar to Skype Click to call for the 4 major browsers. It integrates with the backend to place calls, send SMS or FAX.


Community ERP


A Custom ERP Solution for a Private Community, Providing Community Managers with tools to manage its members and convert paperwork system into a fully electronic system.



TabCross is a Firefox and Chrome extension that creates a side bar for the users to work on their favorite applications (Google, Search,Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Dropbox ... etc) without interrupting their normal browsing activities.


Kiddy Painty

Kiddy Painty is color painting App targeting Kids between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. Kiddy Painty not only provides Coloring Features but also provides useful information about Old and different Civilisations from over the world with your little kids.



Real Time Localization and Language Dubbing for TV Programs and Films at a fraction of the cost. Dubbitron uses state of the art Speech Recognition Technologies, Text to Speech Synthesis and Machine Translation Services.


Precision Auto Repair

A mobile app which helps Precision Auto Repair company to provide its services to its clients as an appointment scheduler, Virtual Service Manager, GPS-enabled directions, Car Locator, Parking Meter Reminder, Gaming Center and more.

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Innuva was very critical in helping us deliver MVP. They are critical part of our success. Their knowledge, design, investigations, debugging skills were awesome.
We won’t hesitate to work with in the future. We totally recommend them. They are always available over Skype, email etc. They even stayed on back on weekends/critical times to help us to get important milestones.

Satish Viswanatham, Calasi

I want to make a point of highlighting how valuable your contribution was to this project. Innuva has been instrumental in this project and we really appreciate your extremely high commitment and excellent work. We look forward to working with you again.


Innuva team are very professional and are able to problem solve very efficiently. I highly recommend John and I would like to work with him again.

Bobby Lin, Tech International Pty Ltd

Innuva team are strong technically, fast on delivery, and very easy to work with. We rarely sub out to other shops and tend to prefer independents, but they are the exception and we look forward to working with them again.

Jay Grieves, Ecor Rouge, LLC